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HighSpeed PC is the home of the HSPC Tech Station PC Test Bench!  
Offering exceptional personal service since 1999. 

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Top Deck Tech Station, Fast-access PC case!

   HSPC Tech Station computer workbench
 ~  The Original Open-Air PC Case!  ~

The HSPC Tech Station (patent pending) - Fast-Access Computer Cases - 
This unique PC workbench offers protection and easy access to computer hardware that was once buried inside the traditional computer case.  PC building, testing and upgrading has never been easier!

MaximumPC Geek Tested and Approved!

See the Tech Station in The Tech Station is reviewed in the 1/05 and 12/05 issues of MaximumPC Magaize magazine                       

The Tech Station has lots of color options

Support for mITX, mATX, ATX, eATX , XL and HPTX systems
CryptoCoin Mining Stations now available!

HSPC Tech Station - fast access computer case!

Unlike the cheap knock-off benches out there, our TechStations are sturdy, weighty, ESD compliant, highly customizable
 and will last a lifetime of system builds.  Invest in the best.  - Lifetime Warranty - 100% American Made using American Labor 



Security Note:  Our secure storefronts here and over at were NOT effected by the Heartbleed security bug. 

Maximum PC magazine's Nov. "BUILD IT" section (p 68-70) has a 3 page spread about using an open-air test bench featuring our Large Top Deck Tech Station.

Check out the June issue of Maximum PC magazine.  In the "Ask the Doctor" section (pg 20), a reader asks the Dr. for his opinion about running a PC without a case for better heat dissipation.  To quote their response: 
"We run open-air test benches all the time in the Lab...ours are from"  There's also a pic of the XL-ATX bench with the caption: "HighSpeed PC's Tech Station gives you stylish open-air computing"  Nice!

To give our customers the best experience we can offer, a brand-new HighSpeedPC website is in the works.  The one you see here is getting a bit long in the tooth - it's been cranking along for over a decade!  But it's just not capable of delivering the latest features we've all come to expect when shopping online.  Content is still being added, photos updated, but it is fully functional and most of the Tech Station line is there along with some new surprises.   
     Check it out:  

We're planning a Grand Re-Opening later this year to kick off the new site and celebrate our 15 YEARS online and 10 YEARS of offering our Tech Stations to the world. There will be sales, prizes, giveaways and something extra special if you're a previous customer.  More on this later. 


XL-ATX Tech Station - PC case for XL systems with 4 way SLI

HPTX Tech Station - PC case for HPTX  systems with 4 way SLI
4-Way SLI Support (XL & HPTX)

SSD drive support for all Tech Stations!  Holds 3 SSD's

ATX Power Bracket - Pwr/Reset buttons, Pwr/HDD LED's

The XL and HPTX Tech Stations fit
most ALL motherboard sizes!

Add more storage capacity to the
Large, XL and HPTX benches

Power/Rest switches, Pwr/HDD
LED's on a case bracket! 

Tech Station XL-ATX

Tech Station HPTX

2.5" SSD Drive Rails

ATX Power Bracket ATX Control Kit

We'd like to do a gallery of customer-submitted Tech Station rigs and mods and custom benches that we've made. 
So if you want to show off your bench send us a pic!  Your constructive comments are always welcomed.

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A new products are being rolled out soon for our very own Tech Station, Fast-Access Computer Workbench  

Press release:
(PRWEB) October 18, 2004 -- HighSpeed PC, LLC ( introduces the HSPC Tech Station (patent pending) computer workbench for PC builders, hardware testers and hobbyists. The bench is an easy-access platform for operating a complete computer system while keeping it safe in a non-electrically conductive frame. Read more:



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Lifetime Rating of 9.88!!

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